Acupuncture, Reflexology & Fertility


My interest in fertility goes back to my own attempts to conceive in the early 2000’s.  At that time I knew nothing about complementary therapies and it didn’t occur to me to seek support in this area. However, an enlightened gynaecology consultant suggested that I give reflexology a try and I was hooked…and a few months later I was pregnant! This interest led to me subsequently training first in reflexology and later in acupuncture. As a practitioner, I have a particular interest in working with couples who are trying to conceive, either naturally or with help from assisted reproductive techniques. I treat a lot of women who are going through IVF or IUI cycles. Many of them continue to come for treatment once they are pregnant and we tend to form a very special bond together. The icing on the cake is when they bring their babies in to meet me, which is an absolute delight!

Here are some comments from one of my fertility patients:

“After being advised to try some acupuncture treatment alongside my IVF cycle, I booked in to see Caroline. I had no experience or knowledge of acupuncture or what it could do for me, but she put me at ease straight away. I found comfort and release each week in her capable hands. Although attending for the benefits of fertility, I found myself being relieved of my anxiety and panic attacks which I had suffered with for years. Now pregnant after a successful IVF cycle, I couldn’t think of a better way to ease my body and mind ready for my new arrival”.

Here is a link to “Our Story”, in which another of my fertility patients speaks about her journey to having a baby. 

Both acupuncture and reflexology can be used in the context of fertility work and I’m very happy to chat through with patients the merits of either option.