What my patients say…

I went to bed with a loud ringing sound in my left ear. By the morning I was completely deaf in the ear. It was not a gradual deterioration. My hearing just disappeared. It was frightening and confusing. After an emergency appointment with an ENT specialist he confirmed I had sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) and I was given a high dose of steroids for 2 weeks. Taking steroids at such a high dose was also quite an experience – the side effects for me included anxiety, being very weepy and it affected my sleep. I was terrified that my hearing may not return.

I decided to investigate further what else I could do to improve my chances and came across quite a few studies that proved combining Western Medicine (Steroids) with Acupuncture significantly improved the prognosis. I contacted Caroline who agreed to see me the next day. She had investigated protocols and recommended treating me for the next 10 days to maximise the potential benefit in the critical “golden window” of treatment for this condition.

All I can say is WOW – I don’t know where I would be today without her helping me through this terrible time in my life. She has such a calm and considered approach, she listens carefully and is fully engaged in the healing process from a holistic perspective. She is truly a professional in her field, but she is also an amazing person who genuinely cares. She worked on both calming and stabilising my emotions and treating me as a whole as well as more localised treatment to my ear.

I started to notice subtle changes after 3 days and day by day I noticed improvements. At my 2 week follow up appointment with the ENT consultant, he confirmed my hearing had returned to normal. In fact, his words were the improvement was “phenomenal”. If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of acupuncture in today’s world, I am living proof of the wonderful results it can deliver!
— Female, 50s
After being advised to try some acupuncture treatment alongside my IVF cycle, I booked in to see Caroline. I had no experience or knowledge of acupuncture or what it could do for me, but she put me at ease straight away. I found comfort and release each week in her capable hands. Although attending for the benefits of fertility, I found myself being relieved of my anxiety and panic attacks which I had suffered with for years. Now pregnant after a successful IVF cycle, I couldn’t think of a better way to ease my body and mind ready for my new arrival.
— Female, 20s
In 2016 I began having acupuncture with Caroline to prepare me for having my second IVF egg harvest and treatment at Nurture. Having had several frozen cycles at a previous clinic and two devastating miscarriages, I decided to try some alternative therapies to give this next cycle everything I could and hopefully alleviate some of the side effects, reduce anxiety and help give us a much anticipated positive result. I suffer from PCOS and high natural killer cells and believed having acupuncture sessions leading up to the IVF would help reduce my symptoms and improve my chances of success.

Within three sessions I found that my headaches had completely cleared and so knew I had made the right decision and felt sure other symptoms and side effects would also improve. Caroline is so warm, friendly and professional. I always felt at ease and came away feeling relaxed and positive. In October 2016 we began treatment at Nurture. I had pre and post transfer acupuncture to help me stay calm and positive.

I was so lucky to find out that our treatment had been successful and although a rocky early pregnancy, our miracle girl was born in July 2017. I would definitely recommend alternative therapies before and during fertility treatment and also during the first trimester. It made me feel relaxed, positive and ready for my IVF cycle and I believe that it helped us achieve our dream and become a family. Thank you.
— Female, 30s
Caroline used Gua Sha alongside acupuncture for my menopause symptoms and two days after the treatment my hot flushes disappeared for about 10 days! Caroline’s dedicated, calm and gentle approach have significantly helped me cope with the ups and downs of the menopause.
— Female, 40s
When I commenced acupuncture with Caroline, to be honest, I was pretty sceptical that it would have any effect on my medical conditions. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong! Within a couple of weeks I was alleviated of the joint aches and stiffness that had hindered me for over a year. Even more remarkable was that I had immediate relief from the symptoms of gallstones, allowing me to delay surgery for many months.
Thank you Caroline for introducing me to Acupuncture!
— Female, 40s
I really enjoyed sharing Caroline’s journey into being an acupuncture practitioner. I learnt a lot and found my sessions re-energised me. If I had a session before I went for a run, I was astounded at the difference in my performance. I positively flew round.
— Female, 40s